Stratégie raid kylikki

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Stratégie raid kylikki

Message  Boudje le Mer 16 Juil - 14:42

Voici la stratégie fonctionnant actuellement pour nettoyer sans trop de peine cette instance. Merci a jaggeh.


simple enough, tank and spank, have someone call when hes casting Curse and everyone stops dps as the curse is a damage reflect spell, you will end up killing yourself.
When he gets to 25% he starts to use sadism which is a line of sight dot that hits for up to 500dps depending on how many points he has.

have the tanks run him round the pillar, while everyone switches to ranged attacks, split in to two groups* like this

* + *

That way only one group should be getting hit at a time, healers need to pay attention as a few seconds under heavy damage can cause a problem, the trick is not to block the tanks running around the pillar.


requirement 3 shatter spec necros, 2 hox and 2 demo (for ideal fight) to handle the spellguards with insta kills.

1 pom and 1 tank for the wolves, tank them by one of the pillar alcoves near the entrance, try to keep them away from your minion killers.

everyone else dps kylikki, as long as she is tanked or first in aggro list remains in range she wont use her raid killer.

when the spellguards spawn the first run is for the necros as they can kill all four in 1 shot. 1 necro on each spawn of spellguards. then the second run (if you havent killed kylikki) is done by the demo/hox and necros second minion killer spell.

Its important that everyone else stay within 5m of kylikki or she will start the chain of spells that leads to the aoe.

The quicker you kill the first run of spellguards the longer you will have before the next run. while the spellguards are alive she heals 3% per second.

once in kylikki's chamber the kill should take less than 10 minutes.

unholy damage and frost damage are myths. poms with cleansing flame are a must to counter her plague blast, so try to keep a chain up.


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